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Why page performance/speed/mobile friendliness improvements are so important and how Batchrank can help you to speed up your website ?

Let's start with the indexation, Batchrank uses the Google APIs to check the page performance data which allows you to check whether or not your URLs are crawlable by Google. If some of your URLs are not appearing in the table, it is better to check them as they may returning 404/500 or they may be noindexed or blocked by robots.txt

When it comes to tracking all the pages' performance data it might be challenging with the other tools available online. If you have a small/mid website you can check all your page performance data using Bacthrank. However, if we are speaking about a website with more than 100.000 URLs, checking all pages' performance data is not so easy. However, as we all know nowadays most of the websites are based on templates. Therefore checking the page speed/performance data using only each template from your website will give an overview of the overall website speed metrics.

Since having a mobile-friendly compatible website is crucial for rankings, it is better to check the pages regularly to avoid any negative consequences. It's also important to keep your mobile user happy. Using batchrank you can check your pages without any limitation.

It is sometimes challenging to create a presentation to send to the dev. team and using Batchrank you can easily create HTML slides which include prioritization of the issues with the guides about how to solve them and you can send this to your developers via sharing the link.

Lastly, you checked the issues than sent to your developers and they solved them but how to check the differences? Well, the local storage feature can easily reveal the changes in terms of the page speed scores. Therefore you will be able to validate the performance-speed changes by checking the chart above the result table.

Version Changes

Version 1.2

  • API 403 status error fixed
  • Enter key form submit disabled
  • CSV encoding fixed
  • Version 1.1

  • Migrated to PageSpeed API 5
  • Chart style fixed
  • Local storage option added
  • FAQ section added
  • Automated slide added
  • Mobile API validator added
  • Version 1.0

  • First Release